The Traditional is our most comprehensive package designed to produce the highest quality product. You get the support of a five person team – a project manager, graphic designer, editor, proofreader and marketing consultant. We included our full editorial and marketing services to make your book the absolute best it can be. This includes a content edit, copy edit and final proofread to catch 99% of mistakes. With the Traditional, we also go the extra mile and execute marketing outreach on your behalf. That means selling your story to media outlets, book reviewers, bookstores and any other relevant organizations, to help you connect with your target market.


  • Professional design of your book’s front and back cover
  • Interior layout, proper formatting for print-on-demand and ebooks*
  • Two revision rounds to incorporate your feedback on the cover and interior layout


  • Our book marketing manager will consult with you and provide you with Tellwell’s 20-page marketing guide and a custom strategy
  • We’ll create a 2-page document to showcase the book to your audience. The backgrounder would include a 3D image of the book cover, the book synopsis, print details, your headshot, and your author biography on the first page. The second page could be an excerpt from the book, some poignant reviews, quick facts about the book and its purpose, or highlights of your marketing plan. This is a great resource to use when contacting bookstores, book reviewers and other relevant contacts.
  • An author website that you can use as a central hub to share information about yourself, your book, upcoming events and news coverage.
  • Marketing outreach level 2 – we’ll help you gain exposure for your book. After creating your strategy with you, this service is customized to your goals and may include some combination of media outreach, a press release, book retailer engagement, book signings and events preparation, award / festival submission, or other marketing strategies (learn more on our services page)


  • Distribution of your book in paperback and hardcover to 39,000 booksellers including Chapters and independent bookstores
  • Book sales on, and other online retailers
  • Expanded ebook distribution including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and OverDrive
  • Amazon Look-Inside for Kindle
  • 3 ISBNs (paperback, hardcover, ebook)
  • Automatic printing and fulfillment of all book orders through trade channels
  • 85-100% net royalties – the highest royalty model in the industry with the most transparency
  • Enhanced distribution option, to increase probability of getting your book listed “in stock”


  • Substantive edit (content & copy) up to 75,000 words.**
  • Post-layout proofread to catch 99% of mistakes**
  • Back cover description edit

* While design is included for most books, design-intensive books (e.g. more than 25 images, charts, complexities) will require a quote.

**Additional word count above 75,000 words is 3.9 cents a word for Substantive editing (content & copy edit) and 1.3 cents/word for post-layout proofread.