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Publishing a book can seem complicated, but really it is just four steps: editing, design, distribution, and marketing. The Tellwell Team provides support and guidance at every step.



Editing puts a polish on your manuscript. It makes the writing more crisp, clear and concise. A good edit is also about avoiding embarrassment when you are promoting your book and readers comment on all the typos they found.



A well-designed book is an incredibly important way to stand out from the competition. People judge books by their covers. Readers, book reviewers, critics, whether or not they notice your book in the first place may depend on the quality of your cover.



Effectively marketing a book starts with knowing the target audience, the competition, the purpose of your book and what makes it unique.



As we continue to help our authors take advantage of the tools that will extend the reach of their stories, we at Tellwell are excited to announce the  launch of our audiobook program.



We partner with printers located within Australia, and around the world. We have options for printing anywhere from 1 book, to thousands at economical pricing.



We can publish your book in paperback, hard cover, and/or as an eBook, making your book available to hundreds of Australian indie retailers, as well as Booktopia, Collins, Koorong, and Amazon Australia.


Why more Australians are choosing to self-publish:

  • To bypass the exhausting and time-intensive solicitation effort necessary to find a literary agent and trade publisher

  • To retain more creative control and copyright, and earn much higher royalties

  • Because for many authors it’s not all about profit or market potential in the first place; the motivations to publish are as diverse as humanity

  • Because even with a successful trade publishing deal, royalty advances are getting smaller and many publishing costs like marketing and even editing are increasingly borne by authors

  • Because print-on-demand, ebooks, audiobooks, and online retail options have eliminated many of the historic barriers publishing, making self-publishing more accessible, attractive, and affordable than ever before


Why seek help self-publishing rather than going it alone:

  • Quality matters

    Doing literally everything yourself to save on costs is not the best publishing option for authors who care about quality.

  • Better content

    Professional editing improves the quality of your book to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

  • Appearance

    Graphic designers can make your book equal or better in appearance than trade-published books.

  • Experience helps

    There are many headaches trying to take care of every technical, management, distribution, and marketing detail required to self-publish alone.

Why Tellwell?

We will turn your rough manuscript into a highly polished book that makes you proud. While the author is the star of any new book, at Tellwell we also celebrate the importance of the rest of the publishing team. We are proud of the talented team of publishing professionals we have assembled to help you.

Australian traction

From Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with over 200 Australian Tellwell authors we’re quickly developing a reputation

Smart distribution

With 85-100% net royalties, we offer the closest thing to working directly with distributors without the technical hassles of doing so

Transparent pricing

We are a talented team of editors, illustrators, designers, narrators, and other publishing professionals who love what we do, care about quality, and believe in the value of our services, which we price up front

Support, encouragement, and quality control

Publishing a book is daunting, so you will find it comforting to have an experienced team on your side, simplifying a complex publishing process into easy steps

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