Small Teams Create the Best Books

A Full-Service Team Approach. A Better Distribution Deal.

Compared to DIY distribution services like Createspace, LightningSource, KDP and Smashwords, Tellwell offers a full-service team approach to publishing and a better distribution deal. The DIY services listed above are all great, but they don’t help with editing, design, or marketing. They don’t give you guidance at each step. You need to be technically savvy. So, for many authors, they just don’t provide the necessary level of support. Tellwell has better distribution than these companies by combining the best features of each!

Compared to full-service publishing companies like Author Solutions (Authorhouse, Xlibris, Trafford, Iuniverse, Belboa), Tellwell has a much better distribution deal. We work with many of the same distribution channels that they use (e.g. Ingram, Lightning Source, and KDP), but Tellwell doesn’t inflate the distribution costs, at all! The problem with inflated distribution costs is that it can negatively impact how you price your book, resulting in high retail prices and lower royalties. Tellwell offers the smartest distribution model.

Our Accomplishments

As a small company, each client of our means a lot to us.
We listen to our Clients, so that we can continually improve the quality of our service.


Tellwell Authors




Publishing Teammates


Client Satisfaction Score out of 10


Tim Lindsay


Tim has a passion for books and publishing. He encourages and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that is so prevalent in indie publishing. With over 10 years in publishing, Tim came to realize that book publishing industry was broken. All that authors really needed was a small team to help edit, design, distribute and market a book. Passion, teamwork, talent, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit. These are the values Tim strives to exemplify and cultivate at Tellwell.

Monica Martinez

Marketing Director

Monica has more than 10 years combined experience in storytelling, journalism, and marketing. She works on Tellwell’s content and digital marketing, corporate communications and public relations, to help craft and share the Tellwell story. She also oversees Tellwell’s marketing services program. Before Tellwell, Monica worked as a video-journalist and TV news anchor. She was involved in every aspect of storytelling from shooting, editing and writing.

Pamela Pasco

General Manager

Pamela leads operations at Tellwell’s Center for Publishing Excellence (CPE). She worked in the indie publishing industry starting in 2004 and worked her way up from customer service to leading a publishing operations department. Pamela’s mandate at the CPE is to find innovative solutions to publishing challenges such as timely workflows, online collaboration, and software development while building a team of talented publishing professionals.

Alan Hunter

Lead Developer

Alan leads Tellwell’s IT and software development program. In addition to a degree in business, he brings a wealth of experience as a programmer and senior developer working on software projects in many industries. When away from the computer Alan enjoys sailing, kayaking, climbing and diving around Vancouver island and the world. Alan’s mission with Tellwell is to leverage talent and technology to have a significant and truly positive impact on the publishing industry.

Diana Jurevica

Head of Sales and Business Development

Alison Strumberger

Managing Editor

In addition to shepherding many of our book projects from start to finish, Alison leads Tellwell’s editorial team. She brings to Tellwell ten years professional publishing, writing, and editing experience. She has worked as an editor and project manager in trade and educational publishing houses, taught communications at La Trobe University in Australia, and traveled to nearly thirty countries while teaching English and focusing on her own writing. She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University, and an MA in Publishing from the University of Melbourne.


Operations Manager

The youngest son of a linguist with forty-seven unique dictionaries on his shelf, Simon’s excavation of the English language was mandated almost at conception. Mercifully, it all stuck, as a divine infatuation with storytelling manifested sometime after high school and shoved him into the theatre scene. He worked as an actor, then as a playwright, director and journalist for eighteen years.

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Jen has edited over 200 Tellwell books with rave reviews! She works collaboratively with you to reveal your unique voice while editing your work for logic, clarity, and flow. With meticulous attention to detail, Jen skillfully and artistically guides you through the process of weaving your manuscript until it becomes one unified piece of writing you can be proud to call your own.


Warren has worked as a professional editor and ghostwriter for many years. He has worked with self-published and traditionally published authors, and he has played a part in the development of hundreds of manuscripts.


Darin has helped hundreds of authors say what they mean. He believes that words matter and does his best to refine and polish while maintaining the author’s voice.


Sally has more than 11 years of editing experience for three of Canada’s largest and most respected publishing houses. She has worked extensively in the romance genre and has edited university-level textbooks.


Lara comes to Tellwell with fourteen years’ experience working for a major international book publisher. She specializes in editing romance and has edited books across many genres, including thrillers, erotica, fantasy and non-fiction.






Redjell Arcillas

PM Team Lead

Elliot Hockley

Client Services Mgr

Jonveth Tabar

Project Manager

Simon Page

Program Manager

Rhea Mae Inot

Project Manager

Joy Commendador

Project Manager

Gezel Zozobrado

Project Manager

Kate Bell

Book Marketing Consultant

Kate’s experience stems from working in marketing, communications, and media with a large-scale event production company in the United States and Canada. Kate holds an English Literature degree with a minor in Professional Writing, Journalism, and Publishing. Kate is also an entrepreneur and, when not supporting authors at Tellwell, she spends her evenings at her local business – a competitive cheerleading gym.

Shannon Emery

Book Marketing Consultant

Shannon comes to Tellwell after working in media and creative marketing for nearly a decade for companies throughout North America. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Dalhousie University, and is passionate about utilizing her marketing talents to enable artists and writers to realize their vision through a tailored, individual marketing plan.

Kendal Gerard

Book Marketing Consultant

After completing a BAH in English Literature and Visual Arts from Queen’s University, children’s book publishing seemed the perfect fit for Kendal. She obtained a post-graduate diploma in Book Publishing and began working immediately as the book marketing manager for Owlkids Books and, later, for World Wildlife Fund. Her passion for engaging with young readers led her to complete her Master of Education.

Mitchel Anderson

Jennifer Chapin

Scott Lunn

Celeste Guevarra

John Henrick Abella (“JH”)

Ejay Co

Maria Brown

Philip Gray

Design Team


Years of combined book design experience!

Our Operations

Head Office

At our head office we spend a lot of time working on how to give better guidance to authors at each stage of publishing and how to help publishing teams collaborate to achieve their greatest potential.

We are also leading the development of Octavo, our publishing software.

After launching at the beginning of 2015 Tellwell won Douglas Magazine’s 10 to Watch award and we were a finalist for Viatec’s Start-up of the Year.

Where is Your Book Printed?

Tellwell works with Ingram and their print-on-demand operation Lightning Source with printing operations in:

  • LaVergne, Tennessee
  • Breinigsville, Pennsylvania
  • Fairfield, Ohio
  • Fresno, California
  • Milton Keynes, England
  • Melbourne, Australia

We also print books in Ontario and Quebec Canada, and in Asia.

West Coast Team Building

Our main office is on the West Coast, so what better way to get to know each other than getting outside! Here are some photos from our Fall team-building activities: some canoeing, tightrope obstacle course, and a nice hike. The last photo is an award for being in the Top 50 Growth Start-ups.

Center for Publishing Excellence (CPE)

Suzzete, Pamela and Maria in the CPE conference room

Cebu City Business Park

In 2018 Tellwell launched the Center for Publishing Excellence in Cebu. We recruited an elite publishing team with many decades of combined publishing experience. The CPE works closely with our North American team to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in publishing including timely workflows, minimizing backlogs, and reducing errors through quality control processes.

Suzzete, Pamela and Maria in the CPE conference room

The Pioneer Team

Teamwork is one of our company’s core values. The more everyone in our company can trust each other and communicate effectively, this will translate into a better service to our clients. In the first year and a half after launching the Center for Publishing Excellence, we’ve done teambuilding activities on many islands as part of building relationships and creating a fun, cohesive team. Here are some photos of our team.

The Heart of the Publishing World

Cebu has played and will continue to play a very important role in the evolution of the publishing industry. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Barnes and Noble and Random House both invested heavily in upstart indie publishing companies and these ventures both culminated with large book publishing operations in Cebu. Since then thousands of people in Cebu have worked in publishing.

But big companies don’t alway provide the best place for top talent to flourish. What has been missing is a smaller company that celebrates talent and teamwork and the pursuit of excellence in publishing. Enter Tellwell! Two of our goals at the Center for Publishing Excellence include being recognized as a great employer so that we can attract and retain the top tier of publishing talent. We are very proud of the team we have built so far!

Center for Publishing Excellence Mandate:

  • Create timely work flows that eliminate unnecessary backlogs and speed up the publishing process
  • Develop systems to celebrate, recognize and reward excellence in publishing
  • Identify and implement quality control processes that minimize errors
  • Implement best practices in consultative guidance and education to support authors at every stage of publishing
  • Build user-friendly publishing software for online collaboration