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Tellwell Australia is proud to celebrate our work with over 300 amazing authors from across the country. We partner with Ingram's Melbourne-based distribution service, connecting us to retailers across Australia and internationally. Tellwell primarily works with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom. We were established in Canada in 2015 and began providing service to Australian authors in 2019. We know Australia is keen for a superior self-publishing company, and we're excited for you to meet our team!

Staff Spotlight

We are an experienced and friendly team of publishing professionals who want to give authors an exceptional experience. We know the industry can be confusing and overwhelming. Our consultative approach guides and empowers authors throughout the process.

Despina MacLaren

Publishing Consultant

Despina lives on an off-grid property in Tasmania, Australia.  Her 35-plus years in the publishing industry is vast, spanning multiple countries.  Despina’s first job in the industry was working as a bookseller at the Angus and Robertsons’ flagship store in Melbourne on Elizabeth Street. She eventually became the Melbourne representative for Penguin Books before moving to the United Kingdom to work for Penguin UK and other global and independent publishers. Her international experience also includes working for the largest independent publisher in South Africa. Despina enjoys living in Tasmania, being surrounded by nature and wildlife. She loves to read, cook and travel.

Kim Martins


Kim Martins is from Sydney, Australia, and now lives in New Zealand. She is a former teacher and lawyer. Writing has always been an important part of her life. She has won or been recognized in various writing and poetry contests.

She has blogged for over 13 years, taught lawyers how to draft in plain English, and has had articles published as a freelance historical travel writer. She has written two historical novels.,

Alison Strumberger

Managing Editor

Alison brings to the Tellwell team fifteen years of professional publishing, writing, and editing experience. She has worked in trade, travel, and educational publishing houses; taught communications at La Trobe University in Australia; lectured on writing at the University of Melbourne; and travelled extensively while teaching English and freelancing as a writer and editor. She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University, and an MA in Publishing from the University of Melbourne. Her writing has appeared in publications across Canada and Australia, and her first book, Redrafting Winter (BuschekBooks, 2015), was a finalist for the A.M. Klein prize for poetry.


Tim Lindsay

Tim has two decades of experience in media and publishing. He founded Tellwell after realizing the book industry was broken. Writing a book is a labour of love for authors, and his mission is to make the publishing process enjoyable, informative and easy. Tellwell brings together a creative and talented team on each book, adding a personal approach so authors feel supported every step of the way. He founded Tellwell on the values of passion, teamwork, talent, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Jason Farris

Jason has worked with creative and technical talent throughout his career, leading and growing organizations in a range of industries: software, online banking, sports & entertainment, and marine/electric vehicles. His passion for hockey led him to serve as the executive vice-president and chief operating officer for the Dallas Stars, as well as on the NHL team’s foundation and alumni association.

A creator at heart, Jason has produced seven books about the history, people, and process of building great hockey teams. He has been recognized for his self-publishing work with a lifetime achievement award from the Society for International Hockey Research. He serves on the board of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Monica Martinez

Simon Page

Pamela Pasco

John Henrick Abella

Kevin Matz

Why Tellwell

With an easy-to-use author portal, Octavo, and a world-class team of publishing professionals, Tellwell guides authors step-by-step through the publishing process with trusted publishing advice, guidance, and management suited to their needs and skills.

  • We offer the option of 100% net royalties, and have the smartest distribution model in the industry. Tellwell doesn't inflate the distribution costs at all. You are taking the risk, you should receive all the rewards.

  • Tellwell offers a full-service team approach. We are experienced editors, designers, illustrators, marketers, and project managers with exceptionally high standards of excellence.

  • We offer flexible printing options, including print-on-demand and competitive bulk printing. But if you prefer to print elsewhere, no problem! We will provide you with the files you need to do so. We do not lock authors into contracts with high printing costs that force them to price their book too high.

  • We take author empowerment and education seriously. We have created numerous resources for each step of the process, including videos, webinars, and informative articles.

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A Full-Service Team Approach

Compared to DIY distribution services like Createspace, LightningSource, KDP, and Smashwords, Tellwell offers a full-service team approach to publishing and a better distribution deal. The DIY services listed above are all great, but they don’t help with editing, design, or marketing. They don’t give you guidance at each step.

You need to be technically savvy. So, for many authors, these services don’t provide the necessary level of support. Tellwell offers better distribution than these companies by combining the best features of each!

Compared to full-service publishing companies like Author Solutions (Authorhouse, Xlibris, Trafford, iUniverse, Balboa Press), Tellwell has a much better distribution deal. We work with many of the same distribution channels that they use (e.g. Ingram, Lightning Source, and KDP), but Tellwell doesn’t inflate the distribution costs at all!

The problem with inflated distribution costs is that they can negatively impact how you price your book, resulting in high retail prices and lower royalties. Tellwell offers the smartest distribution model.

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