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Tellwell Australia is proud to celebrate our work with over 200 amazing authors from across Australia. We partner with Ingram's Melbourne-based distribution service, connecting us to retailers across Australia and internationally. Tellwell works with clients primarily in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. We launched in Canada in 2015, launched our international team with over 100 years of combined publishing experience in 2018, and began providing service to Australian authors in 2019. Check out our recruitment page for opportunities at Tellwell Australia. Australia is hungry for a positive perspective on self-publishing and we're here to help!

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A Full-Service Team Approach. A Better Distribution Deal.

Compared to DIY distribution services like Createspace, LightningSource, KDP and Smashwords, Tellwell offers a full-service team approach to publishing and a better distribution deal. The DIY services listed above are all great, but they don’t help with editing, design, or marketing. They don’t give you guidance at each step. You need to be technically savvy. So, for many authors, they just don’t provide the necessary level of support. Tellwell has better distribution than these companies by combining the best features of each!

Compared to full-service publishing companies like Author Solutions (Authorhouse, Xlibris, Trafford, Iuniverse, Belboa), Tellwell has a much better distribution deal. We work with many of the same distribution channels that they use (e.g. Ingram, Lightning Source, and KDP), but Tellwell doesn’t inflate the distribution costs, at all! The problem with inflated distribution costs is that it can negatively impact how you price your book, resulting in high retail prices and lower royalties. Tellwell offers the smartest distribution model.

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As a small company, each client of our means a lot to us.
We listen to our Clients, so that we can continually improve the quality of our service.


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Tim Lindsay

Tim has a passion for books and publishing. He encourages and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that is so prevalent in indie publishing. With over 10 years in publishing, Tim came to realize that book publishing industry was broken.

All that authors really needed was a small team to help edit, design, distribute and market a book. Passion, teamwork, talent, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit. These are the values Tim strives to exemplify and cultivate at Tellwell.

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